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Boating Guidelines and Regulations :

  • 1. Do not get down from Boat, abide Boating Area Rules.
  • 2. Plastic strictly prohibited.
  • 3. Do not enter inside the Boating Area with arms/explosives/crackers.
  • 4. Do not carry any inflammable item with you during Boating.
  • 5. Consuming alcohol while boating is strictly prohibited.
  • 6. Smoking or littering inside the boat is strictly forbidden.
  • 7. Carry sufficient drinking water with you during boating.
  • 8. Carry your own water bottles, cap, Sunglasses.
  • 9. Do not offer any eatable items to birds or animals.
  • 10. Do not chase or tease any animals or Birds.
  • 11. Do not carry any boat property with yourself as it will be considered a criminal offense.
  • 12. Keep your all senses open during Boating and avoid loud conversation.
  • 13. Follow boating time table strictly.
  • 14. Visitors are required to report at the entry point 20 minutes prior to Boating Time.